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Into the Deep End

December 27, 2018 | Author: | Posted in Treasuring Family

Today’s devotional reflection on treasuring family is about: Into the Deep End.

5 “Thou hast multiplied, O Lord my God,
     thy wondrous deeds and thy thoughts toward us;
     none can compare with thee!
    Were I to proclaim and tell of them,
     they would be more than can be numbered.”

    – Psalm 40:5, RSVCE | NJB

Into the Deep End (Treasuring Family Devotional Reflection)

Katie watched the little girl at the end of the pool. She was adorable in her princess swimsuit and pink arm floaties. She kept coming close to the edge of the pool only to back away a few steps.

As Katie watched, she saw the girl’s father. He kept gently coaxing her. As he encouraged her to jump, he said, “I’ll catch you if you do.”

“But what if you drop me?” The little girl would squeal.

Her father laughed, “I love you. I’ll never let you go.”

After several more minutes of convincing, the little girl finally splashed her way into the pool—and her father’s arms.

As Katie watched the scene unfold, God spoke to her heart. “You’re doing the same thing. I’ve called you to new adventures but you continue to pace and worry.”

Sometimes, God calls us to take action and that can feel scary. But God is the perfect Father and He’ll never let you go.

God, grant me faith when I hear Your voice.
Help me to trust You and lean into this new adventure —
no matter where it takes me.
I love You, Abba!


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