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Saint Francis of Assisi

May 15, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Saints Edition

Saint Francis of Assisi
“Lord make me an instrument of Your Peace!”

Saint Francis of Assisi by Bob and Penny Lord | Catholic Saint

“Lord make me an instrument of Your Peace!”
St. Francis appeals to every aspect of humanity. He is Gospel.

St. Francis of Assisi is one of the most powerful Saints of our Church. Lenin, one of the founders of the Communist Revolution, said on his deathbed, “If we had had one hundred Francis’ of Assisi, the revolution would have been successful.

Bob and Penny travel to Assisi, the land of St. Francis. No matter where you go there, you can feel St. Francis and St. Clare.

They visited the Portziuncola, Assisi first Franciscan Church, the Convent of San Damiano where the Crucifix spoke to Francis, when he asked, “What do you want of me Lord” and Jesus replied, “Go and rebuild my Church which you can see, is in ruins.

They visited the Hermitage, where Francis went to meditate and hear the Lord’s words. Come to his Basilica and visit his tomb.
They learned about the Stigmata, how it came about, and what effect it had on the rest of St. Francis’ life. Francis returned to the Convent of San Damiano and Sister Clare, who cared for him.

Learn about St. Francis. We need him especially today.

“During this construction period of Francis’ life, one of the broken-down churches he worked on, was the little Benedictine chapel at Santa Maria degli Angeli. It was called the Portiuncola. It had been abandoned, and was in ruins. Francis rebuilt this church in honor of Our Lady, and leased it from the Benedictines for one barrel of fish per year. This became the first church of the Franciscan Order….” Taken from “Saints and Other Powerful Men in the Church.”

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