The Best Way to Live

By | August 17, 2012

The Best Way to Live
by Matthew Kelly
Released as CD of the Month Club | MP3 of the Month Club: August 2012

The Best Way to Live Catholic CD by Matthew Kelly | faith raiser | cd of the month club | catholic media | new evangelization | year of faith

How is the best way to live? The great minds of every age have pondered this question. Are you living your best life? Matthew Kelly answers this question and addresses the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the great sacrament of Confirmation.





Customer Comments:

“Matthew Kelly has a unique way of being able to talk to any age group and create participation and understanding to enhance our faith in Christ and in His Church. His use of the Willie Wonka in the Chocolate Factory movie to make a key point is this presentation was brilliant.”
John – Taylors, SC

“The speaker makes a great case for why we should allow Christ to be the Lord of our lives – not just because the bible says that we should, but because this is the only key to eternal happiness. I just mailed my copy to my teenage nephew and I plan to order more copies to give away.”
Susan, LA

“Phenomenal tool to prepare for Confirmation. We will be using it for a retreat for our 8th graders before their Confirmation.”
Rejeanne – Shelby Township, MI

“Matthew Kelly’s talk to youth provides fundamental information that is important for all ages.”
Joe – Macomb, MI

“One of the best talks I’ve heard so far. My children are teenagers and enjoyed the CD as well. We heard it as a family and it was helpful in discussing aspects of their own process in the Confirmation sacrament.”
Jorge – San Antonio, TX

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