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The Seven Levels of Intimacy

The Seven Levels of Intimacy
by Matthew Kelly
Released as CD of the Month Club | MP3 of the Month Club: May 2008

The Seven Levels of Intimacy by Matthew Kelly | CD of the Month May 2008 | MP3 of the Month May 2008

True intimacy means sharing who we really are with another person. We have to move beyond the clichés in conversation and get beneath the surface which involves taking a risk because in doing this, our weaknesses and imperfections will be made known. Matthew Kelly teaches practical ways to share ourselves more deeply with those we love and change the way we approach our relationships forever.


Customer Comments
“This CD really opened my eyes! As a husband of 53 years and father of 6, I was truly impressed by the incredible content in this presentation.”
Bob – Syracuse, NY

“This puts life back into perspective! If you have everything but feel like you have nothing, here’s how to improve your relationships and life itself.”
Brad – Boise, ID

“Matthew Kelly imparts a combination of knowledge and common sense while keeping the listener engaged. We can see ourselves or others we know in his examples. My husband even listened and agreed that it was an excellent presentation. I’m ordering a copy as a gift. Mr. Kelly, please keep them coming!”
Linda – Williamsville, NY

“Matthew Kelly is very dynamic and has a way of communicating truths very directly and with great impact.”
Sandy – San Antonio, TX

“WOW! This was definitely an eye opener. Not boring, and kept me tuned in the whole time. He is an awesome speaker with an awesome message. Wish I could afford every single CD he has. Thank you AGAIN!!!!!!”
Michelle – Appleton, WI


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The Seven Levels of Intimacy



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