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Winning the Culture War

Winning the Culture War
by Dr. Peter Kreeft
Release as part of the CD of the Month Club | MP3 of the Month Club: February 2013

Winning the Culture War by Dr. Peter Kreeft | CD of the Month Club February 2013 | MP3 of the Month Club February 2013 | faith raiser | faithraiser | new evangelization | catholic media

To win any war, there are three things that you must know: that you are at war, who your enemy is, and what weapons or strategies can defeat him. Acknowledging that our culture is clearly in crisis, Dr. Peter Kreeft shows us that the only weapon strong enough to defeat the demons of this age is saints. Above all, Dr. Kreeft assures us that victory is assured for those who hope in Christ, because good always triumphs over evil.


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Pray Like A Saint by Matthew Leonard
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Customer Comments:

Dr. Kreeft’s modern-day spin on the Screwtape Letters was outstanding! He directly addresses the issues facing modern-day Catholicism in a manner that is both humorous and frightening in its accuracy!
Andrew, TX

Excellent presentation, Inspiring and informative.

I enjoyed the part about marriage.
Art, Austin, TX

Dr. Kreeft’s talk is very engaging and interesting to listen to. He is very articulate and direct in his approach to provide the correct assessment of a moral bankrupt society we live in today. It has benefited me significantly in looking at new ways to combat this culture war and become a better servant and soldier for Christ and His Church.
Wayne, San Diego, CA

C.S. Lewis’s book, The Screwtape Letters, that Dr. Kreeft references in his talk is a must-read for all Christians. His talk renewed my courage to know better how to fight the Enemy and strive to become one more Saint to win the War!
Andrew, FL

Call to virtue, call to sanctity. Identified the problems in the institutional Church and in the world. Called all to attach themselves to the body of Christ, the Catholic Church. Very clear message, spoken with obvious love. I have been to Dr. Kreeft’s talks and listened to his tapes for decades now and never tire of receiving his wisdom.
Peter, Milford, NH

Most of it was VERY ENGAGING

Dr. Kreeft never talks over his audience. He is extremely easy to follow and I find myself wanting to hear more when the talk ends. This CD is very thought provoking and I will be listening again and again so I can pick up things I missed from a previous listen.
Effie, FL

The way Dr. Kreeft approaches the topic is entertaining and extremely enlightening. It is academic but accessible. I have listened to it at least 3 times so far!
Carrie, MA

I have the Screwtape letters book but I never got around to reading it. After this talk I could not read the book fast enough. I also find myself praying a lot more, I don’t need the devils sneaky ways entering my idle mind. I will also listen to Dr. Kreeft’s talk again. “In the end God will win.” I love it!!

Dr. Kreeft is engaging and energizing to listen to – not to mention that his approach really brings home the importance of winning the war. Thank you for including it in your CD of the Month Club!! I will be certain to pass it on to my friends.
Viki, Columbus, OH

By using the aspect of God being the enemy the talk hits home by how we are attacked in our daily lives. The use of humor kept it interesting and lively as well. This CD sparked conversation between my wife and I that also included my 17 year old son too. I love the CD’s that you distribute and have given them to my adult children also. I meet once every two weeks for a breakfast with 5-6 other Catholic dads and share your cd (when I have one) with them. Always appreciated by this informal Men’s prayer and support group. I sometimes buy a few extras from church to hand out. Keep up the good work!
Chris, Tuscon, AZ

Dr. Kreeft details in a very understandable way the fundamental truths of Catholicism using reason and common sense.
Don, LA

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