Anima Christi “Soul of Christ”

By | January 13, 2011

I was just listening to “Life-Changing Stories of the Eucharist” by Jesse Romero and learned about this very important prayer.

The prayer “Anima Christi“, according to Father Gabriele Amorth who is the most famous Catholic exorcist and the leader of Rome’s six exorcists, handpicked by Pope John Paul II, is a very powerful prayer in that it is a deliverance prayer, which means, it is a prayer against demons. It is a prayer from around the 14th century and is still widely used after receiving the body and blood of Our Lord, Jesus Christ in Holy Communion.

The Anima Christi Prayer

Please feel free to download/save on your computer (Right-click, Save Image As) and print the pocket-size image of this powerful prayer below. Click on the image for the larger image. You may also share this with your friends and/or your love ones.

Anima Christi | Soul of Christ | Faithraiser.Net

Anima Christi “Soul of Christ

Soul of Christ, sanctify me
Body of Christ, save me
Blood of Christ, inebriate me
Water from Christ’s side, wash me
Passion of Christ, strengthen me
O good Jesus, hear me
Within Thy wounds hide me
Suffer me not to be separated from Thee
From the malicious enemy defend me
In the hour of my death call me
And bid me come unto Thee
That I may praise Thee with Thy saints
and with Thy angels
Forever and ever, Amen.

Anima Christi MV

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