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Following the Call of Christ

Fr. Robert Barron, one of the great spiritual leaders of our times, presents these biblical stories of true conversion, drawing from the riches of scriptural accounts. They were people just like you and me who were called by Christ.

Confessions of a Mega-Church Pastor

August 15, 2010 | Posted in 2010-08, Allen Hunt, C, Defending the Faith, Evangelization

Based on his powerful new book, Allen Hunt shares the insights and details of his 15-year journey into the Catholic Church. In 2007, Allen stepped aside as pastor of a Methodist congregation that served more than 15,000 persons each week. He entered the Catholic Church in 2008.

I’m Not Being Fed

In this dynamic talk, Jeff Cavins explores some of the reasons why so many have left the Catholic Church for evangelical Christianity.

Why I Am Catholic When I Could be Anything Else

Patrick Madrid gives compelling biblical and historical reasons for why he embraces the faith as a lifelong Catholic. He shares valuable insights into the beauty of the Catholic Church and its claim to contain the fullness of the deposit of faith given by Christ.

The Shadow of His Wings

May 15, 2010 | Posted in 2010-05, Matthew Arnold, Stories to Inspire, T

Fr. Goldmann was drafted into Hitler’s army while he was still a seminarian, and later assigned to the dreaded S.S. Throughout World War II he remained faithful to his Catholic convictions, proclaiming the faith to his Nazi countrymen. From his wartime ordination to his construction of a prison chapel, this thrilling true-life adventure is an inspirational testimony to God’s providence and the power of prayer.

For Love and Marriage

April 15, 2010 | Posted in 2010-04, F, Johnette Benkovic

Johnnette Benkovic is a popular Catholic author and talk show host. She grew up Catholic, but later fell away from practicing her faith. The Lord, through the promptings of His Holy Spirit, showed her how she could better love her spouse, and she shares the unexpected blessings that followed.

Seven Last Sayings of Christ

March 15, 2010 | Posted in 2010-03, Dr. Scott Hahn, Jesus Christ, Lent - Easter, S

Title: Seven Last Sayings of Christ by Dr. Scott Hahn

In this revealing presentation, Dr. Scott Hahn unlocks for us the deeper significance of our Lord’s words, carefully chosen so that we might better understand the immense love of God for every person and His plan of salvation. Learn how Jesus’ words are as profound and gripping today as when He uttered them on that first Good Friday.

Seven Deadly Sins Seven Lively Virtues

February 15, 2010 | Posted in 2010-02, Church Teaching, Fr. Robert Barron, Inspirational, S

Title: Seven Deadly Sins Seven Lively Virtues Catholic CD/MP3 by Father Robert Barron

Join noted Professor of Theology and author, Fr. Robert Barron, in this revealing presentation as he sheds light on the Seven Deadly Sins — those great spiritual blocks that inhibit our relationship with God and others — and the antidote to them, the Seven Lively Virtues!

Building Better Families

January 15, 2010 | Posted in 2010-01, B, Family - Parenting, Matthew Kelly

The family is the cornerstone of society, but raising a family in today’s culture is more challenging than ever. Have you ever asked yourself, “What does God want for my family?”. Matthew Kelly shows how the questions we ask as parents may be more important than the answers.



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