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BELOVED: Finding Happiness in Marriage

January 25, 2017 | Author: | Posted in B, Catholic Programs

BELOVED: Finding Happiness in Marriage BELOVED: Finding Happiness in Marriage Something amazing is going on here. So you’ve shared an anniversary or two… or twenty… and you’ve learned a lot about yourselves and each other so far. But what if marriage is more than you think it is? What if God has woven into the …

Building Your Life on Rock: Standing Firm in the Storm

December 14, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Apologetics, B, Church Teaching, Ralph Martin

Building Your Life on Rock: Standing Firm in the Storm by Ralph Martin Released for CD of the Month Club | MP3 of the Month Club: January 2017 Click HERE to preview! Ralph Martin, an internationally known Catholic leader and teacher, discusses the challenges and the joys of being fully faithful to all the Church …

Beloved: Finding Happiness in Marriage

September 30, 2015 | Author: | Posted in 2015-10, B, Dr. Timothy Gray, Marriage Enrichment, Sacramentss

Beloved: Finding Happiness in Marriage by Dr. Tim Gray Released for CD of the Month Club | MP3 of the Month Club: October 2015 Click HERE to preview! Dr. Timothy Gray presents an honest look at the blessings and struggles of marriage. He connects the Fall to daily marital struggles and explains how, like Adam …

Beyond Belief: Following Christ Today

Beyond Belief: Following Christ Today by Fr. Michael Schmitz Released for CD of the Month Club | MP3 of the Month Club: August 2015 Click HERE to preview! Fr. Mike Schmitz tackles some of the most difficult topics in the Church today with humor, clarity, and theological truth. In this talk, he challenges us to …

Being All In

Being All In by Eric Mahl
– Catholic Media of the Month – January 2015

Eric Mahl grew up in the small town of Monroeville, Ohio where he was a standout athlete. He earned a scholarship to play division one football at Kent State University and, in 2005, was signed by the Cleveland Browns. After leaving the NFL, he spent three years working in the world, where he continued his intensive focus on discerning his vocation. After this period of discernment, he sold or gave away all his belongings so as to fully give himself to the Lord and live out the message of Divine Mercy. His journey eventually lead him to the shrine of Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, Massachusetts and Fr. Michael Gaitley. Eric now lives, works, and prays in service with Marian Missionaries of Divine Mercy.

Born Again? Faith Alone?

Born Again? Faith Alone?
– Catholic Media of the Month: December 2013

In one of his most focused talks to date, Stephen Ray discusses salvation, the authentic biblical understanding of being “born again”, and how we are saved by faith, but not “faith alone”. With great humor and doctrinal depth, he goes all the way back to Abraham to show that we are saved by faith and obedience to all that Christ demands of us.

Beauty has Saved the World (TBT Version)

Beauty has Saved the World by Jimmy Mitchell
Truth be Told Young Adult Download Club March 2013

Blessings And The Plan

February 1, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Articles, B

You are able to only bless other people if you’re blessed first. Therefore, the same thing is genuine with us. God blessed us in every way at the beginning to become a blessing to other people, i.e. to be generous in every means possible.

Building Better Families

January 15, 2010 | Author: | Posted in 2010-01, B, Family - Parenting, Matthew Kelly

The family is the cornerstone of society, but raising a family in today’s culture is more challenging than ever. Have you ever asked yourself, “What does God want for my family?”. Matthew Kelly shows how the questions we ask as parents may be more important than the answers.

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati: Man of the Beatitudes

October 9, 2009 | Author: | Posted in B, Fr. Tim Deeter, Inspirational, Stories to Inspire

Born in 1901 in Turin, Italy into a family of wealth and status, Pier Giorgio enjoyed good friends, hiking and skiing, museums and music, and was involved in political action, He found that deep prayer, service to the poor, and a passion for bringing others to Christ led to a life of purpose, peace, and happiness

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