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The New Eve: Episode 1 of Lectio Mary by Dr. Brant Pitre

A] The Catholic Media The New Eve: Episode 1 of Lectio Mary by Dr. Brant Pitre Listen to the Talk Preview! Featuring the insightful biblical teaching of Dr. Brant Pitre, this audio presentation of the first episode of Lectio Mary: The Bible and the Mother of God examines what Scripture, the life of Christ, and the early Church… Read More »

Overcoming The New Age Movement

Listen as a former new ager and Catholic convert Matthew Arnold shares his incredible journey from darkness into the light. Learn how this magic consultant and performer in the entertainment industry came to the truth that set him free from the powers of the occult as he talks about new age practices and their incompatibility with the timeless teachings of Christ and His Church.

Which Came First – the Bible or the Church?

Have you ever been asked where Catholic beliefs can be found in the bible? Matthew Arnold offers convincing evidence showing that the Church has faithfully proclaimed and preserved the fullness of God’s Word down through the centuries.